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  Friday, 1/30/04, 10:29 PM
Great Paige, Im glade were not alone I belive the children are far more reliable than any adult ever. They see the world different, they see it as a good and happy place to bad its not. God bless you and dont forget to give them lots of good hugs and kisses so they dont forget that there is good. Christine Jensen SD
  Friday, 1/30/04, 10:25 PM
Great Paige
  Tuesday, 7/15/03, 2:50 PM
God Bless you for fighting for and believing in your children. When I was molested in the 70's everyone knew but nobody said anything. Your ex husband will burn in hell and there is no way to make it right. BELIEVE YOUR CHILDREN!!!
  Saturday, 7/12/03, 7:46 PM
WOW I feel as if I could of wrote this... It was much help I am in the beginning of MY FIGHT for my 2yr old son but due to NO evidence NO one will look into it - I am also going through a divorce and they say if this was going on why NOW did your son start talking... but since he is young (he talks good for his age) they will not listen to him. I to have fought for a week on calling everyone in the phone book along with our "KIDS" services same story with me.... So as you did I put it in Gods hands and my friend found your site and sent it to me... Thank you for showing me the path to take. Hope you and the kids are doing better. Another caring mom and son.
  Monday, 6/2/03, 7:06 AM
I have been searching for some calming and helpful words and I am now beginning to not feel so alone. ---------------------------------------------------- In response: Hi, Your situation sounds horrible but, typical of the lack of protection offered to children. It's incredible the amount of lies that child services tells protective parents. Your child has physical evidence and they still refuse to protect the child unless he tells. I was told by my child services that it didn't matter how much my children told. They said they could offer no protection without physical evidence. Since your child has medical evidence, you may want to try going over the local children and youth services. Contact the department of welfare in your state capitol about the lack of protection being offered to your child. They are in charge of all of the children and youth services. If you get no help there. Contact your state govenor about your situation.
  Sunday, 6/1/03, 7:40 PM
I have been searching for some calming and helpful words and I am now beginning to not feel so alone. I have been going thhrough this now for about 8 years. But the first 2 times my ex-husband was suspected nothing happened but a short investigation. The next time it was actually brought to trial then he was found not guilty one of the reasons was it took them 4 years to get it to trial with all of the conflict of interest with him of dealing with judges and prosecuting attorney's before. Well it is happening again he is under investigation. And only one of these investigations was reguarding my son. The others were his step-children from current marriage, his neices, and even his own sister. My son is still visiting and was found to be rectally ripped just 2 weeks ago. But until he says something nothing can be done. I am scared, confused, and i even have blamed myself. Sorry I go on and on but I am looking for answers.
  Thursday, 5/22/03, 1:42 AM
As a previously abused child I am happy to read that there are mothers out there that recognize the symptoms of her children, because of what happened to me i am over protective of my own children. I do hope you can help your children to overcome this. Anna
  Friday, 5/9/03, 8:46 PM
A man I thought was a trusted and valued family friend attempted to groom my 12 year old son for seduction. He sent him an email saying "I want to snuggle and cuddle and be sexual with you." When I confronted him he became angry that I did not allow my son to make up his own mind. After that I found out that he goes into kid and teen chatrooms pretending to be a 14-year old kid. He also takes baths with his roommates kids and sometimes shares a bed with her 14 year old son. Since then I have created a website to educate people on how pedophiles operate and how to protect the kids from pedophiles and online predators. The URL is: l
  Monday, 4/28/03, 10:20 AM
I just want to say thank you. I am glad that someone is doing something about this epidemic. My step-father was recently let out of jail after only 6 months (less time served) and I am furious. He molested a 6 year-old boy and when the boy told a school counselor that he had been touched by a family friend the counselor had to report it (thankfully). The counselor also told the child's parents. The parents told the child don't worry, your friend won't get into too much trouble even though you told on him. Then the parents did everything they could to get the "family friend" out of all charges. Can you believe that a mother and father would stick up for the man that molested their child? I know that I sure wouldn't. The judge ordered the molester to 6 months in jail less time served (three months), counseling and 6 - 9 months in a half-way house. I know of other cases where people have abused animals and gotten more time than that. I think it is high time to start protecting our children at least as much as we protect our pets. I heard just the other day of a case where someone beat and shot a cat and got huge fines and 15 years in prison. Our children deserve more than that and yet they aren't getting it. Why are the courts more harsh on animal abuse and negelct than child abuse and neglect? It just boggles the mind.
  Sunday, 3/9/03, 11:57 AM
i was married to a child molester for 12 years he never told me his inner feelings and he was abusive to all 3 of us my daughter my son &i. it's horrible the things he said to all of us but what hurts the most is i cared for him and he lied to me for so long!!!!! i never knew he was that way until my daughter came to me and told me he had done something to her and that hurt real bad ... DFS came to our house to investigate and thats when i told them what happened to my daughter.. this happened last year in september of 2002, he's been in jail since awaiting his sentance, he will serve 12 years as for as i know right now.. i'll keep you up-dated laura
  Tuesday, 1/14/03, 8:41 AM
My under aged daughter was sexually assualted in October of 2002. Because the individual who assualted her is in the military, they, the AF Base where we are assigned turned it into a "military matter." Nothing is happening to him. They are giving him a "General Court Marshell" which is basically the same as slapping his hand and sending him on his merry way. The Video tape that the investigaters made of her statement and the statements that she made with the Security Forces can not be used, according to the military JAG officals, because they are "hearsay". They are forcing my daughter to testify in court, with the Molester in the same room. I am angry because they, the Military AF Base does not want to fully prosectute this man because it would bring "bad light" to their installation. This makes me wonder how many other child molesters that they have let back on the streets to protect themselves???
  Wednesday, 1/1/03, 2:00 PM
  Friday, 11/1/02, 7:19 PM
north dakota currently protects the child molesters rights, disregarding the rights of women and children. the area around dickinson is the most dangerous area to bring children. case after case are quickly brushed aside by assistant states attorney tom henning. cases investigated and supported by law inforcment and social services are ignored by the states attorneys office in the guise this is "less traumatizing" to the victoms. the molesters walk away without any penilties. since they are not tried in court, they do not have to register. there are more then 78 registered sex offenders in the small town of dickinson. imagine how many actually exist.
  Wednesday, 10/16/02, 12:13 PM
About the law for convicted child molesters to be registered; The parts of the origional Megan's law were found to be unconstitutional. Megans law has been changed. Unfortunately, I believe that all child molesters who commited their offense before the year 2000, have been ommited from the sex offender registry. I can't really tell you what to do. I can offer some options but, you need to check with an attorney first to make sure if these options would be legal. 1) You could type up some flyers saying that there is a convicted sex offender living within the vicinity. You could place these on people's doors or car windows. I do not know if I would give out the sex offenders name or address on the pamphlet. I would only give that very brief sentence and I would try to distribute this anonymously. You need to check with an attorney first about this to be sure you couldn't be in trouble if you did this. It seems that nowadays the molesters have more rights than good people. That's all I can think of. Good luck.
  Tuesday, 10/15/02, 12:12 AM
my roommate and I are very concerned about a once convicted molester in our area we walked away from our jobs due to the lack of concern about on going events at work.We were all employed there.Our mamager and owner refused to see what was going on.Becausde of our morales and standards we left.We have since reported the situation to our the city police and CPS has been notified.But we are running into road blocks on a very regular basis.We checked the registry and he is not on it because of our state laws.He did 10 years in prison but was released before 1996.So he doesn't have to register.What can we do? HELLLP us and help the children.WE are both mothers of adult children.I still have a 14 year old that lives with her father at this time.I was molested when I was younger by my father.I am 41 and I am still suffering the effects of that.Re;part of why I'm living away from my husband and my daughter.We are just starting out on our journey to healing and prevention of this sin against the robbed innocent.For anychild who has indured this disgusting crime everyone they ever come into contact with will be affected by the desruction of thier souls,emotions and thier now destored view of what love is! Signed, desprate & unknowlege P.S. If you have any suggestions or direction would you please let me know somehow I will check your web site daily.I am house sitting for a friend and I don't have an e-mail account and I not sure what my friends is.I thankyou,again and again.
  Friday, 9/27/02, 2:56 PM
cheryl Alexander
  Tuesday, 9/24/02, 8:49 AM
  Tuesday, 9/10/02, 2:34 PM
My daughter and her half-sister was molested by their father. He spent less than 2 years in jail. My son is now 9 and wanted to see his father when he was released from jail in Jan. 2002. So I wrote a letter to the Judge and he gave the grandparents (father's parents) supervisors during my sons visits. I thought they would protect my son. Well, after about ten visits my son's father brought him home by himself. The grandparents and father lost all rights for visitation until the courts came up with someone else to be the supervisor. The grandparents said in court that they were unaware of my son and his father leaving.!?!?! This goes to show that the grandparents think that their son (the father) is O.K., and that he would never do anything, he is better since counseling. I'm sorry but, my son needs protected. The grandparents are the last people who need to be supervisors and the grandparents believe in their hearts that their son wouldn't do anything. It only takes seconds to commit this sort of crime and Counseling doesn't work. Our lives are changed for ever. I don't trust anyone like I use to. My children are without a father. They will be affected in some way when they themselves grow and get into relationships. They will be effected by this for life and so will I. Alot of lives have been hurt forever and he only received 2 years. We have robbers out there, and we have animal cruelity people who receive more time than molesters. Let's open eyes of the people in the court systems and make them see how this crime is like a slap on the hand compared to other crimes. My friend has a 1 1/2 yr. old who is being abused somehow. The little child screams when passing the parking lot where the father picks up the child. The little girl is frantic of the father. The mother has videoed the drop offs. The mother tried to get State Police and the Sheriff's to watch the little girls reactions when giving her to her father. NO ONE WILL HELP. If this child was older and could talk there could be a better chance of a conviction. WE NEED TO PULL TOGETHER. WE NEED JUSTICE for this child and all children. We are their only hope. I'm hoping to help change the system and laws in protecting these innocent children.
  Sunday, 8/25/02, 7:49 PM
I KNOW MOST of you know about the scandal involving pedophile priests but what if pedophile priests, even those who had been in prison for pedophilia, go to go visit at every household door in their areas? Imagine the danger. Well, this is actually happening although the molestors aren't called priests but Elders and Ministerial Servants among those of us who are Jehovah's Witnesses. This has been mentioned on Dateline NBC, in Newsweek, on the United Kingdom's Panorama TV investigative show, etc, even kidded about on the David Letterman show where Dave spoke of people getting a Watchtower magazine from a JW from one hand while the other one groped them. Many of us who are and who have been JWs are upset over the irresponsible, unresponsive stance of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society heads over us, and how this has disgraced our religion's name and the good name of God Himself. Therefore the following was prepared, showing we, the rank-and-file among JWs who deplore this policy stance, unite with former JWs who have left in disgust, as well as you the public, in calling for the Watchtower Society (WTS) headquartered at the "Bethel" complex in Brooklyn, New York to immediately reform so as to provide protection for all our children! The WTS heads have put out pat responses to the membership defending their policy, and the following points out the fallacies in those responses. The shame is that JWs are not told the opposite views, are even threatened with being severely shunned by other JW family members and friends if they speak up about the matter. If you know of Jehovah's Witnesses, please mail or email them copies of the following. If you put it into their hands they are under orders to throw it away as the WTS heads have told them it is "apostate," that is against "God's only true organization on earth," but if they get a copy in the mail or maybe stumble across it at a laundrymat etc, then being curious and out of sight from others who might snitch natural curiousity takes over. CHILD MOLESTATION FACTS FOR THE PUBLIC AND JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES TYPICAL RESPONSES BY THOSE DEFENDING THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY: The public's children are protected because any Jehovah's Witness who is a pedophile and preaches door-to-door is with another Jehovah's Witness. HTTP://WWW.SILENTLAMBS.ORG DEFENDERS: The pedophiles can return at other times unaccompanied, get access to Jehovah's Witness and other children when alone conducting a Bible study, at get-together picnicks as parents are virtually never not told who the pedophiles are. ======================== WATCHTOWER: The complainers about child molestation among Jehovah's Witnesses are just opposers repeating hearsay. SILENTLAMBS: Dateline NBC and CNN would not have aired the problem if they thought it mere hearsay. Their documentaries showed people who were then JWs in good standing, even worked in the topmost parts of the Watchtower Society organization over JWs. Even more JWs would speak up if free to do so without ongoing threats and reprisals!!! =================== WATCHTOWER: The Bible rule of having two witnesses to a wrongdoing is used in order to make a solid decision fair to both those accused as pedophiles and the alleged victims. SILENTLAMBS: A small child who is being molested by an adult in a private location cannot have any witnesses to the crime which is always hidden. The Bible also says there is a time and place for everything and also to respect the superior legal authorities. Pedophilia is not just a sin but it is also a "crime" for the courts and police to be told about, so the Watchtower Society and its Elders need to start obeying the Bible and law. =============================== WATCHTOWER: JW's are good people. SILENTLAMBS: Typical nice JWs are not being attacked but rather the pr
  Tuesday, 8/13/02, 6:30 PM
My 28 year old wife was molested in a Calif Foster home for four years, real bad. Sonni can't sleep, and has an explosive temper. She reported to the Foster mother what her son was doing to her, and even her bio mother taked to all three Benders,and it was ignored. When the damaged was noted, CPS was called, and she was removed(FINALLY)..nothing was done to the 21 year old son, and this little ANGEL is ruined for ever. Her therapist asked for CPS records, and was turned down..WHY. My next step is to ask help from my friend, Sam Colt. No justice, the system is corrupt..I HATE AMERICA the UGLY. I'm pissed and I'm ready to supply an end to Sonni's horror nightmare torture. The guy even locked her into a dark attic, holding the door shut. A four year old baby! I've tried everything, next step is my own justice..the system is run by pedophiles, and very stupid people that need to cover up. Sonni's next step is suicide, my next step is pay back time!
  Saturday, 8/10/02, 11:17 AM
I had a 5 year old son who was sexually abused and beaten to death by his godfather 23 years ago. He was given 30 years,but only had to do 12 and a half. To this day,I still cannot understand how a 5 year old child's life is only worth 12 and a half years!But the abuser gets set free to start his life over and most likely DO IT AGAIN! My son would have been 28 on August 8,that was a very hard day.But what is harder yet,is to know that his killer is walking freely amoung us somewhere. And by the way he did NOT have to register!!! PLEASE,be very careful who you trust your precious children's life's with. Matthew's Mom
  Tuesday, 8/6/02, 8:59 AM
My daughter just turned 8 years old and told me 6 months ago that my husband's brother molested her. What a complete nightmare!! She did not tell me until she took a "Good Touch, Bad Touch" class at her school. And to think I almost did not sign the permission slip for her to take it. I was afraid the class would give too much information for a little girl, or that it might frighten her. What I didn't know was that she was already scared and had until that pint thought she was all alone. I can't express my anger in mere words! For there are no words strong enough. What type of monster does this to a small child? My daughter still has a long recovery, however, she is such a brave little girl. She has without a doubt saved her 3 younger sisters from the same kind of hell that she has been through. This is a tribute to her strength!!
  Monday, 7/29/02, 5:05 PM
i wanted to start a program called mothers against molesters, but it looks like you beat me too it. my daughter was molested when she was 3, now she is 6, she was oraly molested my a friend of the family, we knew him for 7 years. i was lucky that she told me. i didn't really have any on to talk to about this,that has gone through this like i did, i felt like i was alone. i had friends but they couldn't feel my pain and anger,cuz they never went through it. now that i found this web sight, i won't feel like im alone anymore. thank you for this web sight.

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